My name is Mackenzie Phillips and I'm just trying to survive another day like everyone else.


We pulled out of the driveway, and as soon we got to the end of the street we saw them. A handful of them were running full speed towards us. “Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck!” was all I remember hearing from Jake’s mouth as he began to reverse back to Lindsey’s house. We had to warn her that they were coming her way. Their speed was frightening and unnatural. Who was going to run out of the car and tell them? Who was going to risk their life to tell Lindsey and her father that their possible death is about to arrive? I had nothing to lose. I didn’t have a family left. Jake, Tom and Eric haven’t been to their houses yet. They still had some hope. As I was about to say something, Tom without any hesitation, shot out of the car and ran full speed towards the front door. This wasn’t fair at all. I wanted to be the one to risk their life. I had nothing. Eric was on the edge of his seat. Jake’s head was down; his knuckles white from gripping the wheel. I turned my head to see how far away those things were. I began to panic. “GUYS! GUYS! We need to do something!” Tom was still waiting at the door. Wouldn’t they have answered by now!?  Jake stepped on the gas; he was about to plow down as many as he could to buy some time for Tom. The car hit the bodies with a loud thud. You could hear their bones snap at impact. A deep, red-brown colour stained the windshield. The wipers didn’t help, it just smeared it worse. Some of the bodies rolled over the roof, some just flew off to the side, some were speed bumps. I’ll never forget the noise they made as they rolled over the roof and onto the road behind us. We came to a complete stop and turned around to see the damage. Dismembered bodies covered the street; a blood and intestine trail that lead to our car. Some of the bodies were still slowly moving. Inching towards salvation, we were about to give it to them. Jake reversed at full speed. He ran over them, over and over again, until they were no longer speedbumps. The car began to fishtail due to the amount of blood that was created when we sped forward and back, making sure they were completely dead. Tom banged on the car to let him in, he was shouting something but we couldn’t make it out. We were still pretty shaken up from what just happened, so trying to unlock the door seemed impossible. You know what I mean, right? When you’re trying to use your keys to unlock your car, or front door in the middle of the night, and you freak yourself out by thinking someone is after you? I’m sure you’ve done that before. Or in the movies when you see the girl who is getting chased by the masked serial killer, and she clumsily drops her keys in panic? That’s what happened to us. As Jake hit the button to unlock the door, Eric locked it, this went on for 20 seconds. Little did we know, one of those piece of shit things got stuck onto the bike rack on the roof. 20 seconds was plenty of time for it to grab Tom’s arm and take a huge bite into it. He went down screaming, the thing fell with him. In mere seconds his face was chewed off. The muscle and skull was exposed. His body was trembling. His cries and screams eventually died out. He was dead in minutes. Some of the remains from the bodies on the street began to twitch towards Tom. We sat in the car on the verge of throwing up. Tears filled our eyes, disgust smeared across our faces. We let this happen. We let this happen and we did nothing about it. My hands were clasped around my mouth, I was breathing heavily and trying to hold my vomit in.

What the fuck just happened?

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The closest house to mine was Lindsey’s. My head was pressed against the window glass the entire drive there. I stared blankly in front of me; every thing was dead silent. No one had said a single word since we left my house. I felt the tears sting my eyes - I’m not going to cry. As we pulled up, Lindsey became anxious. She was practically out of the car before Tom was able to park it. Everything seemed to be fine as we approached her door, none of the windows were broken. Her house was in mint condition unlike mine. Tom was the first one to open the door just incase something was behind it. Ready with a pipe in his hand he turned the handle. Little did we know the door was the trigger to a perfectly executed trap. Next thing we knew Tom’s legs were set ablaze. He began to curse and scream bloody murder. Jake took of his sweater and started to pat his legs to get the fire out. I remember Lindsey yelling at him to roll on the grass. What the hell was going on? I couldn’t move. I just stood there. Someone who I didn’t recognize stood in the doorway. “Lindsey? Is that you?” It was Lindsey’s dad. Later on we found out that he was some brilliant engineer, which makes perfectly good sense. I remember seeing the tears of happiness in her eyes as she ran towards him with her arms wide open. It made my stomach sink. Lindsey had her dad. They were more than okay. They were alive and happy. I had nobody. This was the last time I saw Lindsey; she decided to stay there, her home, with her dad. I remember the hug we shared; we knew we wouldn’t see each other ever again. It was our last goodbye. Tom survived with some minor burns that had to be taken care of as soon as possible. I was surprised that none of those things were attracted to his screams. 
I spoke too soon. 

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I still get that sick feeling when I think about it. Pulling up into my driveway and seeing the basement windows completely shattered; I knew nothing good would come of it. The front door was unlocked so we quietly and slowly walked in. The smell… It was a mixture of decaying flesh, rotting food and rust. The smell of rust came from the dried blood that seemed to stain almost every square inch of the staircase and foyer. We followed the trail of blood to the basement, which lead to the room with the broken windows. This was the moment where I lost all hope. I fell to my knees and began to tremble at the sight. I remember crying and screaming. I don’t know if it was because of the stench, or because I found my father’s unrecognizable body ripped and chewed apart on the floor that caused me to throw up. Half of his leg was missing. The half that was there was chewed to the bone. Tendons, muscles, bone, intestines… Everything could be seen in the pool of blood that his body laid in. The rest of the visit to my house was a blur. If my sister and mother were in the same state as my father I knew I didn’t want to see them, so we left. I threw up a few more times before getting into the car. No one said anything because they knew nothing would be able to comfort me. They couldn’t relate to the situation I was in. I saw the fear in their eyes, the worry, that the same outcome has happened to their families.

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My name is Mackenzie Phillips and I am nineteen years old. My life used to be routine and bland; school, work, homework, sleep, repeat. Everything and everyone that I’ve grown to love is gone. Sometimes I find myself waking up with a smile because it feels like it’s just a bad dream, that all of this is happening in my head and I’m just living out my schizophrenic fantasy. Well it’s not. It’s the harsh reality that I currently live in. After a while it hits me that they’re not coming back. I’m never going to see my father, sister, mother or friends again. They’re all dead. I would have never expected that we (Eric,  Jake and myself) would be the few from our city to make it out alive. We were coming back from Ottawa with our friends Lindsey and Tom when the reality hit us. It’s strange because we didn’t see anything abnormal on the drive back to Toronto. Sure it seemed as if there was more traffic heading East than South, but we didn’t suspect anything close to this situation. We slowly drove into downtown in shock as we glanced out the windows. We turned off the radio to get a better grasp of what our city turned into. Windows and doors of various stores were either boarded up or destroyed. It seemed as if every other car we drove by was crashed into another or set ablaze. We were gone for roughly two weeks. We couldn’t understand how much damage was done and so quickly. I remember seeing blood, lots of blood… Limbs and corpses that seemed to be feasted upon by packs of wolves. I didn’t say anything, but I know they all saw it too.

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Up until this day I have taken everything for granted - we all have. Fear? That word has no meaning to me anymore. Everything you’re about to read is the truth. You might think it’s a figment of my imagination, but I swear on my mother’s body I am telling you the truth. I don’t know exactly what’s going on or how it started, but word on the street is that it’s the government’s fault. Some say they were experimenting with a new virus to use in combat. Others say they created it to kill off some of the world’s population. All I know is that it’s spreading like wild fire. Last I heard they were sending out search units to gather up any survivors and take them to a safe area in Chicago. This was three weeks ago when the outbreak first appeared. Since then, all means of communication have been cut. No phone, television, internet or wireless signals. About these search units? I haven’t heard one fucking helicopter, police siren, tank, or any other official vehicle or person since the announcement. My guess is they realized they fucked up and don’t want to face the public. There’s probably an underground bunker in the middle of fuck-knows-where, ready for the superiors of this fine, great land to hide in. I wouldn’t doubt it. They say it started in Western Canada and is making its way across North America. I don’t know if Europe or any other parts of the world are infected, but if they are… I hope they’re doing better than us. 

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